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Apartments - Units

Transforming our clients dreams in to a reality can often have its challenges.  
Our company’s aim is to transform our clients ideas into to reality utilising the services of our experienced designers  who will provide practical, cost effective and personalised solutions.

Commercial Buildings

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Office/Retail Spaces

A proven track record is vital when selecting any construction company.   
At Mainyard we understand and appreciate the importance of selecting a company that has a proven with the experience to take your ideas forward with total confidence, reliability and cost effectivness.  Time is money and continually strive to minimise downtime and maximise the cost benefits associated with all our developments.

Major Refurbishments


Office Spaces - Sports Complex - Education Facilities

Mainyard  has the experience and know how to take your property and transform it with minimal fuss and bother thereby achieving the best financial outcome for our clients,   We are well versed to manage the most demanding of projects and see every project as an opportunity to overcome the challenges that we are presented with. We are determined to achieve nothing less than excellence in every respect.

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